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About us

FaRa Publishing House

Using the science and technology and specialized human resources in the field of information, FaRa Publishing House plays role by localizing the professional services software for improving the quality and quantity of scientific resources. In addition, FaRa Publishing House decided to promote and provide documentation of scientific achievements through journals, books and virtual world believing on empowering the young labor force and meeting the scientific needs of the society as well as providing professional services in the private sector via localizing the professional software and experienced and skilled labor forces.

What we do:

For journals:

  • Online Automation and Management
  • Website Designing and Installing
  • Scientific Expertise
  • Statistics and Methodology Review
  • Scientific and Literary Editing
  • Layout Editing, Cover Designing and Image Retouching
  • Proofreading
  • Printing, Bookmaking and Distribution as well as Customer Services and Support
  • Indexing in International Valid Indices
  • Providing Hosting Services in order to increase the ability of searching and visibility
  • Providing xml files for Indices such as PubMed and PubMed Central
  • Training Journal Editors and Managers through Editing Workshops

For authors:

  • Scientific and Literary Translation and Editing
  • Layout Editing, Cover Designing and Image Retouching
  • Printing and Bookmaking

Current Journals

Albert-Ludwigse-Universität Freiburg

International Journal of Body, Mind and Culture


Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Iranian Journal of Neurology

Academic Journal of Surgery

Journal of Family and Reproductive Health

Journal of Biostatistics and Epidemiology

Case Reports in Clinical Practice

Journal of Sleep Sciences

Journal of Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmaceutical Management

Journal of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine


Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

ARYA Atherosclerosis

Journal of Isfahan Medical School

Journal of Health Information Management

Journal of Research in Behavioural Sciences

Journal of Research in Rehabilitation Sciences

Journal of Health System Research


Kerman University of Medical Sciences

Addiction and Health

Journal of Oral Health and Oral Epidemiology

Journal of Qualitative Research in Health Sciences

Strides in Development of Medical Education

Afzalipour Journal of Clinical Research


Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences

Chronic Diseases Journal


Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

Journal of Analytical Research in Clinical Medicine


Rafsanjan University of Medical Sciences

Journal of Occupational Health and Epidemiology


Diseases in the Process of Industrialization
Mehr Garden (Baghche Mehr)
Concrete Pavement Design Guide
High-Speed Rails
Environmental Assessment of Highways

Vertical Tabs